School Rules

1. Bow when entering and leaving the dojang.
2. Bowing is done from a standing position, feet together, arms at the sides, by lowering the head slightly and bending forward at the waist.
3. Bow to your seniors before addressing them and bow again when the conversation
4. Bow when a black belt, who is your senior, enters the dojang proper.
5. Everybody is responsible for the appearance of the dojang.
6. If a junior displays a lack of knowledge of a rule or an appropriate technique, it is the responsibility of the senior to inform, clarify or teach.
7. Do not go immediately to Mr. Sparks or the highest senior present unless there is no one else present who can help you. Seek help from your seniors who are one to four grades above you in rank.
8. You must train and attend classes regularly before attempting to test. It is impossible to teach one's self the art or to learn the art properly without group experience.
9. No free sparring without permission of a black belt in the school. If there is no black belt present, there is to be no free sparring.
10. Have a clean uniform at all times.
11. No profanity, no loud talking and no horseplay
12. Report all injuries to the instructor.
13. No food or alcohol in the dojang, refrain from drug abuse and no chewing gum in the dojang.
14. Do not try any techniques until the instructor has shown them to you.
15. Do not face the instructor or your senior while tying your belt.
16. Maintain discipline, know the Tenets of the Art and the Student's Creed.
17. Students who are more than 30 days late in payments due to the school will not be permitted to train until their accounts have been made current.
Message from Sir:
  Each student should commit the Student Oath to memory.
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